SUDS 6 for Windows

The Classic version of SUDS offering an all in one database for all of your brewing ingredients, recipes and batches. Runs on all versions of Windows.

Updated for Windows7!

SUDS Spreadsheet edition

SUDS 6 for Windows FAQ

SUDS Spreadsheet FAQ


Since 1993 SUDS has simplified recipe formulation and record keeping for homebrewers around the world. For years SUDS has been helping Windows users to plan and brew beer of all styles whether full-extract recipes, partial-mashing or all-grain.

SUDS version 6 for Windows

If you want an integrated interface and an all-in-one view of your recipes, this is the version for you. SUDS version 6 has grown out of all the preceding versions of SUDS based on user feedback and extensive testing. SUDS version 6 runs on Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98. It also runs fine under virtualization (Virtual PC on OS X or Parallels for OS X).

SUDS Spreadsheet edition for Windows, OS X or Linux

New to SUDS is the spreadsheet edition which lets you run SUDS on any operating system. This version has all of the calculations and recipe guidelines in an Excel-compatible spreadsheet format. You can run SUDS Spreadsheet edition on any version of Microsoft Excel or's Calc (a free cross-platform office suite). This version offers the easiest recipe sharing - just email the .XLS file to anyone with spreadsheet software. Works on OS X, Linux and Windows.


SUDS 6 for Windows - click for larger view


SUDS Spreadsheet edition - click for larger view

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