SUDS 6 for Windows

The Classic version of SUDS offering an all in one database for all of your brewing ingredients, recipes and batches. Runs on all versions of Windows.

Updated for Windows7!

SUDS Spreadsheet edition

SUDS 6 for Windows FAQ

SUDS Spreadsheet FAQ

SUDS Version 6 for Windows

Everything you've come to expect from SUDS including:

  • Familiar Windows Explorer-like interface to your recipes
  • Guides you through extract brewing, partial-mash or full-mash brewing
  • Organizes your recipes and brewing batches in one integrated database
  • XML export/import facility allowing you to easily share your recipes with other SUDS for Windows users in plain text files!
  • Up to 4 steps in mashing
  • Mash graphing
  • Drag-and-drop recipe creation. Select ingredients from the explorer and drag them onto your recipe. The program remembers the last quantity you used and automatically adds it to your current recipe or batch.

You can try SUDS 6 for windows free of charge from the link at the right. The unregistered version will show a reminder screen for 20 seconds when starting up. The product is fully functional in all other respects! If you like it, click the Buy it know button to register or, if you prefer, send check or money order for $20 to:

Michael C. Taylor
1626 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018


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