SUDS 6 for Windows

The Classic version of SUDS offering an all in one database for all of your brewing ingredients, recipes and batches. Runs on all versions of Windows.

Updated for Windows7!

SUDS Spreadsheet edition

SUDS 6 for Windows FAQ

SUDS Spreadsheet FAQ

Why the Spreadsheet version?

I've gotten great feedback from SUDS users over the years and several requests have revolved around a trimmed down interface and cross-platform versions. I actually went pretty far along in creating a Java version of SUDS when I decided that it simply wasn't going to work well enough. Also, I switched my own primary computer to an IMac and wanted to get a simple version working there. I expanded upon the Micro-Excel version I had for WindowsCE and thus the full Excel/OpenOffice/NeoOffice version was born. If you prefer spreadsheets to databases, this may be the one for you.


How is this "cross platform"?

By taking advantage of the great open source Office suite and by avoiding VBA macros in Excel, I was able to create a portable spreadsheet that works equally well on Windows, OS X and Linux. Microsoft Office is available for OS X and Windows but there are also free alternatives from OpenOffice and NeoOffice. As long as you have any one of these, you can run the spreadsheet version of SUDS.


How do I use the downloaded spreadsheet?

The downloaded spreadsheet is a .ZIP file that expands into a file named SUDSTemplate.xls. You can either simply open it and use the Save As command to save your recipes or you can rename it to .XLT and use it as an Excel Template file (See Excel and/or OpenOffice docs for how to work with templates).


There are too many/not enough hops/malts etc. How can I customize this?

You can easily add additional hops by selecting the hops sheet, inserting a new row and filling in the pertinent values. You can also delete recipes/malts or styles that you rarely use and save multiple templates. For example, you might want to create a customized templates for Pale Ales only. You would open my file, delete the unneeded ingredients and save it as "Pale ale.xlt".


What do the colors mean in the spreadsheet?

Items in tan are meant to be typed in. Items in Green are PickLists. Items in Blue text are protected and calculated from other cells.


Why is the spreadsheet protected?

To keep you from accidently deleting formulas. There is no password, so if you want to unprotect the sheet you may at your own risk!

How do I change the AA% for the hop on the recipe?

You can't change the AA value in the recipe sheet. Go to the Hops sheet and change the value there. It will then show up on the recipe front page.